Saturday, June 27, 2009

The King of Pop.

I used to be a big fan. I guess a million people have said that... are saying that. I'm sure everyone was his greatest fan at some point.

I'd forgotten until on the day, June 25th, when my facebook was swamped by old friends and lost friends reminding me of MJ moments we'd shared.  A teenage crush whom I haven't spoken to in many, many years contacted me and told me that he remembered the first time I played him Michael Jackson.

Two of my friends from high school did the same. That's all we did. Michael Jackson everyday for an entire year.

The way the news is broken to me was a moment to be remembered also. I was walking down St.Marks in the East Village having just bought some orange socks to wear under some black brogues as my feet were blistering up. Feeling quite good in my new orange socks, I passed a group of scummy boys and as I did so one of them exclaimed that "Michael Jackson is fucking dead."  (approx 5:30pm) In  my head, I thought this guy was having a go at me because of my feet ensemble (they looked just like Jacko's). I spent the rest of the afternoon wishing I had said something really witty and scathing back to him.

I then got a message from Tom in Melbourne saying "Michael Jackson is dead." It was the most confusing moment ever for me... I couldn't understand how Tom had heard my thoughts for the past hour! Was he following me... did he see those punks mocking me?

No. Michael Jackson is dead...

Thank you for the memories. For that amazing History video that I spent a majority of my childhood watching, for your 40th birthday concert (dayum), for Butterfly, Gotta Be Startin' Something, The Wiz, for the memories!!!

Rest in Peace you strange and wonderful creature.

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