Thursday, August 20, 2009

Porno brainstorm #3

Shadows filming themselves fucking.
People watching themselves as shadows fucking whilst they are fucking.
People watching themselves watching shadows fucking whilst they are fucking.

And so on...

Too much perfection is a mistake.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

chris jordan, Seattle, 2008

Skull With Cigarette, 2007
[based on a painting by Van Gogh]
– 98X72″

Depicts 200,000 packs of cigarettes, equal to the number of Americans who die from cigarette smoking every six months.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


El Topo.

Porno brainstorm #2

Self-explanatory. Typically Australian made.

Porno brainstorm #1

A couple are trekking through the forest. Scantly clad, fit as fish. They hear a growl and quickly spin around to see a 300 pound black bear with it's arms raised and salivation dripping from it's pearlies, advancing on them. The man of the couple takes his double barrel shot gun and with two shots knocks the bear to it's demise. Taken with the strength and courage of her male companion, the leading lady throws herself upon him and with her legs wrapped around him he carries her towards the dying carcass of the bear. This is where the sex takes place. Right on top of the bear.

Dénouement is the end of your days.

6am Post Lit.

Images courtesy of Hobo at


Just try and beat it... It's fucking Perfect.

Based on Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

From under this grey
I feel cold
Cold yet comforted
Comforted because I know that from
Under this heavy grey
Is an openness.
An openness that will expose
Me; my only possession
To the entire world
A world unbeknown to such a creature
A creature of comfort.

This heavy grey
This heavy and cold grey
It is a burden on my being
Bearing down on me below the surface
Amongst the anemone
Amongst the crustaceans
Haven't you heard of Personal Space?

My limbs are free
They flail haphazardly
Straining to break the crystal surface above
Momentarily achieving such a feat but for what, huh?
I never asked for cold extremities
That's why I buy gloves.

I can raise my head
Only just slightly off the pillow of sand beneath it
It's a strain on my spine
It's a strain on my mind
Lay it back down
Down on the sand


Mother of the Earth.

I've gone down the river of sadness I've gone down the river of pain in the dark, under the wires. I hear them call my name

I gave you the key to the highway and the key to my motel door and I'm tired of leaving and leaving so, I won't come back no more

Oh, my dark-eyed friend I'm recalling you again soft voices that speak nothing speak nothing to the end

Oh, Mother of Earth the blind they call but, yet stay behind the wall their sadness grows like weeds upon my thighs and knees

Oh, Mother of Earth the wind is hot I tried my best, but I could not and my eyes fade from me
in this open country


It's a curious thing.

Telepathe and Time Killing.

All Points West. 07.31.08
Top image by Adam Green, bottom by Sunni Hart.

An accurate depiction I would say.