Sunday, November 28, 2010



Wowzers. So this caught me slightly off-guard! I listened to this for the first time last night on vinyl without even being aware of it's release and god damn, there's no denying, I love this band for everything that they are. This E.P, apparently released with a hand written note from (baby baby baby) Christopher Owens is a thank-you to listeners for the past year of Girls mania in which the San-Fran duo have sky-rocketed. While insisting that his band's latest isn't the sound of them "all grown up," he described the six songs enclosed as a "LETTER OF INTENT," a "SNAPSHOT OF THE HORIZON," and a "step up" from its predecessor. I'm really very impressed. The hand-made production values of Album have vanished which would usually be a let down for me, however, it has made way for the devastation and yearning in Owen's voice and the curvy, power-licks of Chet "JR" White's guitar to really shine through. My highlight is psychedelic closing track "Carolina" which is the closest they've come to sonically unveiling the many highs that they've been known to romanticise. Enjoy. 

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